Buyers Inspection

Here is a list of items that we check when doing a Home Inspection;

Roof Coverings

* We walk roofs to inspect them. There are some common sense exceptions to this, unsafe roofs, roofs that are not accessible with a 22' extension ladder, when they are covered with Ice and/or snow.

* Gutters and roof drainage systems

*Roof caps, skylights, plumbing vents, roof vents and other roof penetrations 

Fireplaces/ Chimney

*Walls, Flashing, and crowns of Chimney

*Any Fuel burning fireplace , wood stove, and fireplace inserts including wood and gas burning. 

Exterior of Home

*Covering of exterior walls (siding)

*Windows and Doors

* Decks, Steps, Porches, Balconies, and Stoops


*Landscape grade and drainage around the Home (building)

*Vegetation near and around the Home (building)

*Patios, Walkways, Driveway for the home

*Retaining walls

*Foundation walls

*Exterior Faucets

*Air Intake/ Exhaust Vents

Structure/ Foundation/ Basement

*Crawl Spaces

*Foundation Walls

*Basement floor

*Sump Systems (Pump)

*Floor System (Joists/ beams/ posts- if visible)

*Insulation in the basement

*Basement Moisture

Electrical System

*EXTERIOR- service drop, service entrance conductors

*Main Electrical Panel and any sub-panels

*Service grounding

* Interior electrical Components (We will check the majority switches/ outlets/ and lights)

*Smoke and CO Alarms

*Ground Fault/ Arc Fault interruptors 

Plumbing System

*Visible portion of water main (this supplies the house with water)

*Water Heater

*Vents- Vent pipes, water heater vents

*Drain and Waste pipes

*Water Distribution (visible pipes distributing water through house- We cannot see into walls)

*Washer/ Dryer (if staying with the house)

*Flooring drains

*Tubs/ Showers/ Sinks/ Toilets

*Gas Lines

*We will also show you where the gas main and water main is located and include the location in our report!

Heating/ Cooling Systems


*Any installed equipment - such as furnaces and boilers

*We check the furnace filters and show you how to replace them

*Ductwork (We are not able to see what is in the walls)

*Registers are checked for operation



*Central Air systems/ Any permanent installed cooling system


*Ceilings/ Walls/ Floors

*Doors/ Windows/ Skylights

*Stairs/ hand rails/ guard rails

*Cabinets and Counters

*Vent Fans

*Appliances in the Kitchen (That remain with the Home)


*Framing and Sheathing

* Exhaust Fans and Ducts

*Ventilation systems


*Garage Overhead Door(s)

*Garage Door Openers

*Stairs, Electrical,Doors, etc 

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