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At Quality Structural Inspections our home inspectors are proud members of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. As a member, we abide by the ASHI Code of Ethics, as well as the ASHI Standards of Practice, which sets forth the minimum requirements for a home inspection. We strive to go above and beyond the minimum Standards of Practice.  

Our Services

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Buyers Inspections

A typical home inspection will take about 3-4 hours depending on the size and condition of the home. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ALL OF OUR CLIENTS TO ATTEND THE ENTIRE INSPECTION AND ASK QUESTIONS!  This is a great way for the home buyer, whether a first timer or the experienced buyer, to learn about their potential new home.   LEARN MORE...

MFD Home Engineering Certifications

We have partnered with MFD Home Certifications, US LLC to offer, as a Registered Field Agent, to offer Permanent Foundation Certifications and Engineering Certifications of additions to MFD (Manufactured) Homes.  LEARN MORE...

Investor Inspections 

An Investor Inspection is a shortened version of the Home Inspection. We will focus on the major defect areas of the home and will include a report with photos. This can be tailored to fit the  needs of the investor(s). We can do Apartment Inspections as well. 

Commercial Inspections

   For our Commercial Inspections we do a Walk Through Survey. We survey the site, structure and building, roofing, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Vents, Electrical, and Interior Elements (Common Areas).    LEARN MORE...

Home Maintenance Inspections

This is for the Current Home Owner. You are not necessarily looking to sell your home; you just want to know the current condition of your home. This is similar to a standard buyers/sellers inspections, with the exception of checking the appliances. As the home owner you know if they work or not.  **Think of this in terms of taking your car to the garage for a maintenance check, or your visit to the doctor for your annual check up. HOUSES NEED THEM TOO!!

Home Check-Up Inspections 

This is strictly for our former clients.  The purpose of this inspection is to address any concerns of the home owner. We will also look for major safety and maintenance issues.  We will look at concerns that have come about since our last inspection trying to catch issues before they become a major problem.  This inspection is a modified home inspection.   LEARN MORE...

Radon Testing


Our t​esting is designed for for Real Estate transactions. We have a quick 48-hour turn-around with continuous electronic monitors that give an hour-by-hour breakdown of the test results; and we are an independent third party.  LEARN MORE...

Mold Testing

The Minnesota Department of Health does not generally recommend testing for mold; they state that if you suspect a mold problem then ASSUME there is a mold problem. The best remedy for correcting the mold issue is to find the moisture source that caused the issue and fix it! 

That being said, we can test for mold (mildew as well). It will take 2-4 days to get the results.  The mold test will identify what types of mold were present, give the spore count at the exact moment in time that we took the test, and in that exact location. It will NOT say that mold is harmful or if there is a harmful level of mold present.

Single Item and Trouble-Shooting Inspections

If you have a concern about something in your home, We at Quality Structural Inspections can help identify the problem and give suggestions on possible corrections. These concerns can be anything from standing water in the basement to cracked foundations to chimney issues, to frost in the attic to your heating system. And the list can continue on and on.

We start with a home owner interview to find out how long there has been an issue, how it was taken care of in the past, if anything has worked to remedy the issue in the past, and then we get to the bottom of it!

Sewer Scan Inspections

We have partnered with some of the best Sewer guys in the Twin Cities to offer this as an add-on to our Home Inspections.

What really matters...

Buying a home can be stressful. However, An inspection with  Quality Structural Inspections, LLC can help ease your stress in the home buying or selling process. You will receive a high quality professional report with photos and over twenty years experience in the construction trades. Allowing YOU to make the best informed decision about YOUR NEW HOME!